Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend with this gorgeous weather! I’m beginning to plan the OCNA Inaugural Fundraiser Event! It’s going to be a blast! I’m envisioning a holiday season (late November, early December) daytime recommendation (will need a doc)/job fair and then evening green tie event! More details will come soon! Does anyone know someone that would like to be an event sponsor? A sponsor will get free advertising on our OCNA website event page and on a special edition event T-shirt! Ways people can sponsor is donate the following:

1. A large facility to use for a day and evening (not set on any particular location yet).
2. Food/Catering.
3. Drinks.
4. Tables/Chairs.
5. DJ/Band.
6. Use of AV equipment for presentations
7. Silent auction items.
8. Special event t-shirts.
9. Raffle item.

We also will work on having some great speakers! If you know someone in the movement that would like to speak, let me know! I have a few great ideas!

I will have the Board Formed before this event and will want everyone there to help make sure the event runs smoothly! The proceeds from the event will fund the foundation of OCNA so we can start our work to build better, affordable cannabis educational programs and start our work on Uncle Grumpy’s Hemp for Hospice and begin political advocacy! So much work to be done! But it’s not work when you love it and are passionate about it!

Feel free to contribute ideas here. PM me, or email me at

Thank you so much! Looking forward to our launch party!